Becoming a member of our community is far more than just a sign up!

By becoming a member you will become a part of PPIA family, specially PPIA Swinburne where you will be invited to our events, meet new friends, learn new things, and improve your student life during your stay as a student in Australia.

Our membership term was forged under affiliation with PPIA Victoria and Swinburne Student Life. It is available with a small fee of A$12 that last as long as your course in Swinburne University of Technology.

Unfortunately due to the newly updated system, you will have to extend your membership manually every year free of charge



Sign Up/Log In to Swinburne Student Life using your student email with the following link.



Fill out and submit the form below to get your membership card. (WNI/Indonesian only)


DM us "I have registered" through Instagram to let us know you have registered.